Public Record (sound political art, and the sound of our politics)

Public Record is a group of artists takes political and societal issues and incorporates it into their own art. They make sound into their political practice. I enjoy seeing something different such as their political artwork using sound. I love how they mentioned Walter Benjamin and said “Benjamin challenges artists to pursue sustained and committed relationships with social movements.”   They believe in sharing their art with others, so their website is full of sound clips of their work related to politics.


David Hume Kennerly

David Hume Kennerly is a political photographer for many years. He has been all over the world and has photograph eight wars. He received the Pulitzer Prize for his photos of Vietnam war and was appointed as a personal photographer for Gerald Ford. He is one of the most renown photographer of our time, he has received many recognitions and awards. He captures the moment when people doesn’t seem to know and capture the subject’s real expression and special moments. His work gain so much recognition that he photographs for the United States of America government for many years.

Photo Philanthropy

Photo Philanthropy is a Organization which helps photographers to help social changes through photography. Photographers work with charitable organizations and document the stories from the people all over the world. This is a great organization to help photographers be able to connect with people  all over the world and document stories of the people. I like how the organization connect viewers to see different photographers’ work and see the stories of different people. The organization not only help professional photographers, but as well as amateurs and students. There are many inspirational stories and photographs that you don’t see everyday.

Sama Alshaibi

Sama Alshaibi is born in Iraq to an Iraqi father and Palestine mother. She is now an American citizen living in the States and teaching in post secondary institution. She is a multi-media artist who produces photographs and video art. Her content is all about suffer and the displacement of loss. She uses her own body as the main subject to depict the history of her homeland and societal issues of her original country.

I admire her art and courage to render the history and the current affairs that is heavily looked at today. Her photographic and cinematic skills are full of stories behind them. I enjoy watching her video art  “Goodbye to the Weapon,” where she uses old clips and super 8 to create a piece of a woman trying to escape the from Iraq-Iran before the war. Do check her website out :


鄭智禮 Howard Chilai

Howard Chilai from Hong Kong creates digital art from designs to art based on current affairs. He tries to share Hong Kong culture and history to other people all over the world. He focuses on social issues of Hong Kong. He did one video project about BODY GENDER which is based on a woman feeling that she is not being treated well in Hong Kong. STIFFEN WATER is another piece about natural life and appreciating water and the natural elements that are with us everyday. The project involves with playing sound and frequency of five different source: toilet, shower, pipe, urinating, and water dripping into tank. He is an interesting artist to look at who is able to produce designs and create conceptual and artistic artwork.

Check out his website:




Nalini Malani

Malani Malini is an artist whom was a refugee of the Partition of India. Her artwork is mainly focused on feminist theories and issues. She works with various of medium from two dimensional drawing and painting to digital media art. She fills her artwork with narratives concerning the female gender. Her narratives focus around women in society and historical issues. Many of her work contains taunting imagery and dialogues. I am amazed of how she uses drawing and painting with digital media.

Political from Photomanipulation gallery

This site is full of amazing photo manipulation from using a variety of political images.

I really enjoy looking through these images because as a photographer myself, I am get scare to use political images with my own work. After seeing many different artists’ photo manipulation, I feel quite inspirational. Using historical political images can help us remember the past social issues.

check this site out: