Chris Jordan

Andrew introduced me to Chris Jordan during my presentation and after checking him out, his artwork is just mind blowing. His images are evoking and really brings to a wake up call to what we are doing to our environment, or even ourselves. Every time you zoom in from a large scale image, you realize it is made out of  a certain entity. The statistics that he provides are just astonishing: with the paper cups that we use each  day, number of prisoners in the states, deaths from smoking, breast augmentation, and many more… It is amazing how us human beings are not aware of all the things we are consuming each day and being so careless to how it will affect our planet or even ourselves.  His creation in these large scale photographs are to show how unconscious we are of our surrounding and culture.

Chris Jordan’s website:

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Art Spiegelman: Comics and Politics

To people who loves comics should watch this video…

Art Spiegelman was born in Sweden, but his parents were Polish-Jewish refugees and ended up in New York. Art was a well known underground comic artists during the 60’s and 70’s. His most announced work is “Maus” and “Maus Part II” Which both are reflection of his personal life. In Maus, it was about his elder brother (Richieu) whom died before Art’s birth. He was sent to live with an aunt during WWII because she was living in a safer part of town. The aunt poisoned herself, her niece, her won daughter and Art’s brother Richieu. Maus Part II is dedicated to Art’s brother and as well as his own daughter. He won several awards for his work Maus and as well as the Pulitzer Prize Letters award in 1992.

Spiegelman is an influential comic artist that brings all sorts of politics into his artwork. He stated that “visual parts of the comics goes directly into the brain and bypass a lot of other information….Images have multi-valid meaning.. and cartoons have high definition images.” I usually don’t read a lot of comics, but I think now I should start after listening to Spigelman’s interview. Comics are similar to novels, expect comics sometimes express the opinions through images than using words that are hard to articulate to the audience. His comics are detailed and full of intriuguing images and information of his own life experience and thoughts.  I strongly suggest checking Spiegelman out!!

Interview with Daily Cross Hatch:

Barack Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard Fairey x Fresh Pressed

Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech remixed and re-visualized using Z-Trip’s mix, Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” pasting at Fresh Pressed Los Angeles, and Lenny Mesina’s editing. (Be sure to stay through the end credits for a special message!)

Art Direction + Design – Shepard Fairey
Music – Z-Trip
Editor – Lenny Mesina
Location – Fresh Pressed
Installation Team – Nick + Z
Photography – Nick Toga + Mike Adler
Producer – Jonathan Sample
Production Assistant – Meara McDonald

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko is a Polish artist who creates immense projections on to monuments and large-scale buildings. The content of his work is always focused on the political and societal issues of today. He uses the monumental architecture as part of his piece and not just as a white wall. His projections are very poignant brings audiences to their attention of the topic he is sharing with others. His topics touches on: immigration, violence, human rights, and many other society issues that are occurring today.   His atypical artwork is very influential, because he uses real people who had been through certain events and have them projected and talk about their experiences to others. Sometimes he has audiences interact with the projections by asking questions to the people who are being projected on to the monument.



To see his work and interview please visit:

Artist’s website:

Xu Bing 徐冰

Xu Bing is a Beijing artist who witnessed the Cultural Revolution in China. Most of his work includes Chinese calligraphy and as well as printmaking. He now lives in United States and produces many bewildering political artwork. The content of his art is usually based on Chinese cultural, society and political issues. His work pertains originality to contribute the society.

His most well known work, BOOK FROM THE SKY reveals 4000 Chinese characters which were hand carved on to wood blocks. He want to manifest the idea that ancient wisdom passages are quite unintelligible. The scrolls of printed text were being hung on the ceiling and laid out on the floor.

Art and politics in China

Under the Communist dictatorship, Chinese artists produce propaganda posters, paintings, installation, sculptures to project their voice to the government. Chinese artists develop many different taunting, provoking art pieces and being recognized world wide.

Katie Hill, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Chinese Art at the University of Westminster in London, looks at how art has moved from the realm of propaganda to the international marketplace.